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Direct Marketers

Integrity provides VSCs and other F&I solutions that help direct marketers sell more products and make more money. We are looking for direct marketers across the nation to sell an array of products that increase revenue, retention and ROI.

Why Choose Integrity

Increase Revenue 

Highly profitable plans that are easy to sell. 


Increase Conversion 

Flexible coverage, terms, and payment options allow you to provide your customers with the level of coverage they need at a price they can afford.


Best-in-Class Support 

From training resources, to a dedicated support team, we are always available to help where ever you need it.


Build Trust With Customers 

Know when you sell a plan that your customer's claims will get paid by a company with over 35 years in automotive.


Generate Additional Revenue Streams

Reinsurance options are available to help you generate additional revenue streams.


Revenue Share Model Plus Incentives 

Not only do we share revenue on plans sold, incentives give you the ability to make additional money each quarter.

60/40 Plan for California

We have a repair reimbursement program that is perfect to use in the California market.

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