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File a Claim

Let's make sure you can easily and quicly get your vehcile back on the road, and your life back on track. Processing a claim is simple. 

Lets Begin...

Filling a claim is very simple. Please follow the steps below to begin.

If Vehicle Is Broken Down

Find a safe place place to stop if breakdown occurs while driving.

Call Roadside Assistance

Contact our roadside assistance line so we can quickly tow the vehicle to a repair facility. (877) 578-3559

Choose ASE-Certified® Certified Technician

You may use any ASE certified mechanic of your choice

Provide Membership Details

Notify service department of your Integrity VSC Membership so they may contact us to begin the claims process.

Let Us Pay 100% Of Covered Costs For Repair

Once the repairs are completed, we will pay 100% of your covered costs after any applicable deductibles. 



Tel. 877-578-3559






Customer Service:


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